A Sweetly Fun and Heartwarming New Summer Series – Guest Review by Hayley

I was happy to see that Suzanne Woods Fisher has begun another of what I like to call summertime series.  For me, a summertime series is usually light, gentle, and somewhat Hallmark-ish.  And, of course, set during the summertime (or sometimes spring).  This book is all of those things, and even has some loose connections to the author’s last summertime series of “Three Sisters Island.”

After enjoying several books by this author, I had hopeful expectations for “The Sweet Life”, and my expectations were exceeded!  I loved this little story of a mother and daughter fixing up an old ice cream shop.  I enjoyed learning about the process of ice cream making and the Cape Cod town of Chatham.  I also loved the individuality and realness of the characters, and I appreciated the spiritual depth that was brought forward in the surprising backdrop of fixing up a run-down ice cream shop.  

There were many positive messages in this book, but one of my favourites was this:  Sometimes, the things that annoy us most in others are exactly what we need to embrace in them, and ourselves for that matter.  We should learn to embrace people for their gifts, rather than always reminding them of their failures.  It was a beautiful message to see lived out through the characters, and always a good reminder for me personally.

I could go on about all the reasons you should read “The Sweet Life”… Fun?  Heartwarming? Gentle and comfortably predictable?  Yes, all of those things.  And I absolutely recommend it.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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