Unforgettable – Challenging – Beautiful

Wow, just wow… those are my first thoughts after closing the cover of the second book I’ve read by the amazing Katie Powner.  Where the Blue Sky Begins” is an incredibly powerful story set in a rural little Montana town – a town where, as we quickly discover, it is the perfect place to find answers to the age old question: what are the things in life that truly matter?    

I’ve not read many stories that are told through the eyes of a person who knows she has a very short time left to live… for me, this profound look at life and death was impactful in so many ways, partly because it just isn’t something we tend (or like) to think about very often.  But perhaps we should.  The juxtaposition of characters in this novel is brilliant and poignant, as the most unlikely of bonds forms between two completely opposite people.  And yet, as I realized, I see parts of BOTH characters in myself, for better and for worse.  

I could go on about the themes and lessons and heartfelt tenderness portrayed in this story, but I think I’ll just ask you to read it for yourself – for I know I could never do it justice.  I will say, though, that it’s not all serious and deep… there is humour and wit, and the character growth we witness in our young Eric is nothing short of beautiful (and at times hilarious too!).  

Without question, “Where the Blue Sky Begins” should be added immediately to your reading list.  It is a profound and tender masterpiece that I will likely read again soon in the new year, simply to allow its messages and ponderings to seep deeper into my heart.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”


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