The Adventures of the McQuaid Family Continue

Jody Hedlund’s “Colorado Cowboys” series continues with the fourth story of the adventurous McQuaid siblings.  This time it is the only sister Ivy getting the spotlight, as “Falling for the Cowgirl” ropes us into a dramatic adventure.  

From the start, I always guessed who Ivy’s hero would be…
Jericho Bliss.  I knew this simply because we’ve witnessed her feelings for him grow and continue throughout the previous three books in the series, and it is high time this romance was brought to the forefront and given the attention it deserved!  Ivy as a protagonist is both entertaining and frustrating, because although her big heart cannot be ignored, her strong will is sometimes hard to take.  Jericho’s intentions towards her, to protect her from his own life choices, are admirable but as he quickly discovers, feelings can sometimes derail our best intentions.

Filled with snappy dialogue and interesting plot twists, this story kept me entertained with each turn of the page.  The western backdrop and lifestyle permeates the story, with rodeos and cattle drives adding so much flavour to the story.  The only problem was, I found some of the romantic content to be mildly inappropriate, and the love story to be bordering on an obsession for our heroine.  In a way, though, it was a redemptive twist for me because it served as a reminder not to allow my emotions and feelings to carry me away quite like Ivy’s did for her!

All in all, apart from a few minor annoyances, I still enjoyed this rollicking western tale, both as a story of its own and as a continuation of a series I’ve followed from the beginning.  Surprisingly, this is actually not the last book in the series – we still have one more McQuaid sibling to hear from!  I’m excitedly looking forward to reading Dylan’s tale in “The Last Chance Cowboy”, which is scheduled to release within the first couple months of the new year.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”


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