Not Quite What I Expected – Guest Review by Hayley

As the final instalment of the “American Royalty” series, “His Delightful Lady Delia” was at the top of my TBR list, since I very much enjoyed the first two in the series.  As a musician myself, I was interested in the storyline being set in an opera house, and all the behind-the-scenes politics therein. 

I wanted to like this book as much as the first two, and it has good aspects in it, very good in fact.  The unconditional love given to us by Christ is echoed as Kit learns more of Delia’s heritage and her parents’ sordid past.  As he learns more and more of her family’s secrets, she is constantly questioning whether Kit will still accept her.  In an earthly portrayal of Christ’s love, he always does.  

Delia’s family secrets are where we run into the problems.  While Delia herself is of moral character and regrets her family’s choices, the storylines of Delia’s parents is absolutely saturated with scandals of all the worst kinds.  We all know well that real life can be much like the messes portrayed in this book.  But it’s generally not my first choice to pick up a novel dripping with it for the purpose of wholesome reading, specifically when little to no regret is portrayed by the characters in question.

Again, I can’t say the book was all bad.  If you read the first two “American Royalty” books, you will likely want to read this one, and there is value to be found in it.  But if you are looking for a book that you can enjoy without often cringing at the blatantly horrid actions of various characters, this is not it.

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One thought on “Not Quite What I Expected – Guest Review by Hayley

  1. I struggled with enjoying the second book and wasn’t sure I was going to bother with the third. Then it started getting amazing hype and great reviews so I added it to my TBR…I appreciate your honest thoughts on it!

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