Charming and Simple – Give it a Try!

Fits of Tranquility imageDo you enjoy poetry, especially short poems with universally applicable ideas and themes? If so, I invite you to give a new book by a new author a try. ‘Fits of Tranquility’ by Robert Lampros is described as ‘a book of poetry and prose about hope, healing, perseverance, and joy, as well as faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and falling in love.’

Containing over 20 unique poems and short stories, this book ranges in topic from inspiring images of nature to thought-provoking stories filled with charming dialog and everything in between. With some portions, the intent of the author is very clear while at other times the meaning is more vague, leaving readers to bring their own perspectives to the words. A few of my favorite selections include: ‘Verdure’, ‘For What It’s Worth’, and ‘Invisible Arms’. Continue reading

Hope is a Traveler review

Hope is a TravelerIn June of 2015, a new voice in the world of heartfelt, compassionate poetry will be revealed. Her name is Susan Frybort, and her first formal poetry collection is entitled Hope is a Traveler.  Published by the small, specialized Canadian publishing company of Enrealment Press, this book contains dozens of unique and emotion-filled poems each with a heartfelt message to us, the readers. As stated by the publisher, “Susan Frybort reminds us of the glory that resides at the heart of everyday living.”

With an easy-flowing, graceful voice, the author shares her views of the world through images Continue reading