Make a Return Visit to an Unforgettable Town

Renovating the Richardsons imageAt last, all our questions have been answered! Well, at least our questions pertaining to Al and Millie Richardson, Dr. Susan Jeffries, Justin Hinkle, Franklin Thacker, and all the other characters that make up the little town of Goose Creek, Kentucky. “Renovating the Richardsons” is the anticipated sequel to “The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade”, written by Virginia Smith and published by Harvest House. It is the second full-length story in the “Tales From the Goose Creek B&B” series, which also includes an adorable novella entitled “Dr. Horatio vs. The Six-Toed Cat”.Dr. Horatio vs. the Six-Toed Cat image

In “Renovating the Richardsons”, favorite characters return with many new stories to tell, but a couple of new residents also make surprising contributions to the tiny town. Old problems are resolved (how did the new painting on the water tower turn out?), but new questions go unanswered (will a massage parlor actually survive in Goose Creek?), leaving the perfect opportunity for another book to be added to the series. Continue reading

Charming, Eccentric, and Hopefully the First of a Long Series!

The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade imageI have two words to describe Virginia Smith’s The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade… Utterly charming! It is truly the type of book that creates a strong desire in readers to crawl inside the pages and live there. Permanently. At least that’s how I felt, especially after my feelings of devastation at reaching the final page. With its blend of comedy and quirkiness, wisdom and whimsy, the town of Goose Creek is sure to win your heart, too.

The paramount element of this little book comes in the form of characters who may just as well be your next-door neighbors and friends, for they certainly step beyond the bounds of descriptive words on paper. These characters live and breathe. They have emotions, quirks, and motives. And each one is endearing in a special way.   Continue reading