Take a Vacation to Hope Harbor

Hope Harbor header“Come home to Hope Harbor – Where hearts heal… and love blooms.”

Hope Harbor is the first book I have read by bestselling author Irene Hannon, and I’m so glad to have discovered her. Charmingly, her prose sparkles with both realism and a tiny hint of the extraordinary. From the first pages, the town of Hope Harbor and all its residents tugged me in like a warm embrace.

Hope Harbor imageInterestingly, the story is revealed through the eyes of several characters – this technique provides depth and insight to a well-rounded plot. Although the slow pace and easy-going setting give the feeling of a gentle and relaxing novel, the messages of love, forgiving yourself, and moving on from the past are portrayed with a richness that is anything but ‘fluffy’.

Unfortunately, occasional comments and references, plus several plot situations, are moderately inappropriate for the Christian genre. In some cases these details are dealt with accordingly, making the inclusion of them more understandable, but other times the unexpected words and ideas are completely uncalled for.   Additionally, while faith and belief in God are treated with importance, they are not at the forefront as much as they could – and perhaps should – have been.

Overall, Hope Harbor is a contemporary story that deftly weaves a lovely setting, sweet story, and realistic characters into a novel worthy of praise. If you can step over the hurdles that mar an otherwise nice story, you will most likely find pleasure and relaxation in the pages. And if you have your own painful stories from the past, this book may even act as a soothing salve to ease the hurt, and help you step into the future God has planned for you.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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