Look Outside the Box – a guest review by Tracy

Boundless imageI invite you to stretch your mind, to think outside the box in what following Jesus may look like in other parts of the world. Boundless by Bryan Bishop has explored, in-depth, other cultures and how they are following Jesus as their Savior while still living within their culture. This book expanded my knowledge that following Jesus has many, many different looks to it, not just the typical Western Christian view to which I’m so accustomed. Imagine celebrating Jesus while dancing in a full native headdress. Or listening to stories being told about Jesus in a small gathering in India.

I was surprised to learn that in other parts of the world, the word “Christian” has some negative connotations to it. A quote from the book explains this well: “In the Muslim world, for example, it’s not that the word “Christian” has become all bad for everyone, but it does produce a negative connotation for most. John Travis, a seminary professor who worked in an Asian Muslim country for more than twenty years, wrote, ‘While some Muslims may associate Christianity with the love and selfless living of Mother Teresa and relief organizations, most tend to focus on negative aspects of present-day Western culture like immodest dress, sexual promiscuity, disrespect of elders, indulgence in alcohol, Hollywood violence, narcotics, and pornography.’”

While at times this book was hard to follow with SO much information to digest, the knowledge and understanding I gained about other cultures outweighs the negative aspects.

Thank you to the author Bryan Bishop for writing such an intriguing and thought-provoking book. It inspired me to change my perspective and look outside the box.

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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