A Second Visit to Trinity

Midwife's Choice imageDon’t you love it when you get the chance to become reacquainted with old friends? Of course, in the case of fictitious friends you don’t actually visit with them face to face, but watching their new stories and relationships unfold is almost as much fun. If you enjoyed meeting Martha Cade in The Midwife’s Tale by Delia Parr, you will be delighted to discover her continuing story. The Midwife’s Choice is book two in the At Home in Trinity series, and was published by Bethany House at the end of 2015. In this story, we discover new dilemmas and secret pasts to many recurring characters, and meet several The Midwife's Tale imagenewcomers, as well.

From the first pages of the book, we are once again drawn into the town of Trinity through a simple writing style, warmly developed characters, and the themes of faith, family, and friendship to weave the story together. As Martha continues her work as midwife and healer in the community, new questions arise to challenge her beliefs and even threaten her position… A horrible secret about a new-to-town couple begins to come to light. The past of a beloved, long-time resident reveals that not everything is as it seems to be. And just after Martha’s beloved daughter returns home where she belongs, she makes a shocking announcement about her future. As Martha struggles to right the wrongs of her community singlehandedly, she begins to realize that she may need a little help to do so. But when questions arise about her own life and heart, will she step up to the challenge and follow God’s will for her life?

If you enjoyed the first story of the sweet, old-fashioned town of Trinity, you will be delighted with the continuing tale revealed in The Midwife’s Choice. It should be mentioned that at times, darker themes run through the storyline. Additionally, the protagonist may resonate most strongly with Midwife's Dilemma imagereaders in the same age category of 40-50, and occasionally the simple writing style may become annoying. Overall, however the continuing story of Martha Cade is one to be savored by all fans of historical fiction as a sweet, thoughtful escape into a unique little town called Trinity. And happily, before too long, we’ll be able to pay one final visit as the third and final book in the At Home in Trinity series releases in April.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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