The “Colorado Cowboys” Series Concludes

The final story of Jody Hedlund’s dramatic and memorable “Colorado Cowboys” series has finally been released!  The Last Chance Cowboy” tells us the story of the last McQuaid brother, Dylan, who has what just may be the most redemptive story of all five siblings.  Dylan, you see, is a changed man – he’s the sheriff of Fairplay, doing his best to redeem his past and move forward into an honorable future. But one day his past catches up with him in a most unexpected way, which leads to a story that I certainly found surprising and unique!   Continue reading

Pack Your Bags, We’re Heading to Texas!

My summer just would not be complete if I didn’t get my annual Karen Witemeyer  western fix!  (Although October now, it’s better late than never, lol!)  The Heart’s Charge” is the new addition to the “Hanger’s Horsemen” series from Bethany House, and also a novel that can be enjoyed all on its own.  Interestingly, we get two separate-but-connected, equally important, romantic adventures in this single sweeping story.  How cool is that?!
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A Perfect Conclusion to a Memorable Historical Series

Amanda Cabot’s “Cimarron Creek Trilogry” has reached its conclusion, as “A Tender Hope” released from Revell Publishers earlier this spring. Although each novel in the series was a complete tale of its own, the overarching storylines that wove the books together are finally tied up in a satisfying conclusion for the characters we’ve already become acquainted with. Continue reading

Heartbreaking History

After recently discovering what an enjoyable author Tracie Peterson is, I was excited to read her newest series set on the Oregon frontier. “Treasured Grace” was published in 2017 by Bethany House as the first in a new series entitled “Heart of the Frontier”. Each book focuses on one of three sisters, and “Treasured Grace” reveals the story of Grace Martindale, the eldest sibling. Unlike many works of Christian Historical fiction, this novel is based on the true events of the Whitman Mission massacre — a gruesome event that changed history. Continue reading

Certain to Become a Classic

From the moment I saw the title and read the synopsis, I was enthusiastic to read “The Mark of the King” by Jocelyn Green, and could hardly wait for Bethany House to release it. When the opportunity came to review the novel, I was delighted! While it wasn’t quite what I had been expecting, in many ways it was even better. Powerful and engaging writing, vibrant imagery, and unforgettably dynamic characters combine to make this book a classic in the making. It wasn’t an easy story to read, nor was it a light, humorous, or “happy” novel, but it was powerful. Oh my, was it powerful. . . Continue reading

The Final Story is Always Bittersweet…

The Midwife's Dilemma imageThe bittersweet moment has come. At least, that is how I always feel when I reach the final book in a beloved series. Naturally it holds both sweetness and a touch of sorrow, good-to-see-you-agains and final goodbyes. Delia Parr’s “At Home in Trinity” series, published by Bethany House and comprised of “The Midwife’s Tale”, “The Midwife’s Choice”, and now, finally, “The Midwife’s Dilemma”, is just such a series. It draws you in, envelops you with the love and warmth of the tiny town of Trinity, and is very difficult to say farewell to. Continue reading

A Second Visit to Trinity

Midwife's Choice imageDon’t you love it when you get the chance to become reacquainted with old friends? Of course, in the case of fictitious friends you don’t actually visit with them face to face, but watching their new stories and relationships unfold is almost as much fun. If you enjoyed meeting Martha Cade in The Midwife’s Tale by Delia Parr, you will be delighted to discover her continuing story. The Midwife’s Choice is book two in the At Home in Trinity series, and was published by Bethany House at the end of 2015. In this story, we discover new dilemmas and secret pasts to many recurring characters, and meet several The Midwife's Tale imagenewcomers, as well. Continue reading

Heartwarming and Down-to-Earth (and our first fiction review in a long time!)

The Midwife's Tale imageTitle: The Midwife’s Tale

Author: Delia Parr

Publishing House/Publication Date: Bethany House/2015

Genres: Christian Fiction; Historical Romance

Time Period: 1830 (early Victorian Era)

Number of Pages: 336

Series: Book #1 in the ‘At Home in Trinity’ series

You should read this book if… You enjoy laid-back stories that are compelling and heartwarming, while focusing on character development and growth. Equally enjoyable in this story are the many, obviously well researched facets from history, namely relating to the midwife profession of years past. Also, this novel features an older than average protagonist, perhaps increasing the appeal to a middle-age audience. Continue reading