Michael Phillips NEVER Disappoints!

14354-INHERITANCE_sliderThe Inheritance image“Past and present collide in master storyteller Michael Phillips’ dramatic new saga of loss and discovery, of grasping and grace.” Undoubtedly, this beloved author truly is a master storyteller. With decades of experience and dozens of unforgettable novels to his name, it is always a pleasure to read a new book with “Michael Phillips” written on the cover. Classic, timeless tales that slowly and meaningfully unfold into incredibly detailed, interwoven, faith-filled stories are his specialty, and his newest book from Bethany House entitled “The Inheritance” is perhaps one of his finest accomplishments yet.

When you pick up “The Inheritance” and begin reading, be prepared to travel overseas to the tiny community of Whales Reef, in Scotland’s Shetland Islands. Truly this setting comes to life with vivid, smell-the-air-and-hear-the-ocean reality in your imagination. Divided into eight parts, the book’s focal point is directed between historical and modern-day times, and Shetland Island and American locations. Spanning several generations, the unique story allows numerous characters to share their points of view. Consequently, this gives readers the ability to witness the sweeping, far-reaching drama unfolding in many directions at once! However, two primary characters are given greater prominence than the rest… American career-woman Loni Ford is desperate to discover the people and the place where she came from, and where she belongs, but this soul search leads to some shocking discoveries. Shetland native David Tulloch, chief of the Whales Reef community and assumed-heir of his great-uncle’s vast estate, must face the possibility of losing everything he holds dear, including the well-being of the entire community, when legal proceedings go awry.

Although the intriguing storyline, vivid setting, and compelling characters bring “The Inheritance” to life with unforgettable charm, these features aren’t the only ones that draw readers in and leave them The Cottage imagehungry for more by the book’s end. The internal dialogue, the slowly blossoming faith, and the deep, beautiful writing style of the author cement this book in your heart where it is bound to remain for many years to come, or until you read it again! Honestly, the very worst element of this story occurred when I reached page 428 – the end. The story was unfinished! And yet, thankfully, this is not the end… Book two in the “Secrets of the Shetlands” series, “The Cottage”, will be released in October. Although that seems like a long time to wait, I suppose you really can’t rush artistic perfection!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

Don’t miss the following Question and Answer series with Michael Phillips regarding his new series, courtesy of Bethany House Publishers!


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