The Long-Awaited Conclusion to an Unforgettable Series

For me, and I’m sure for many readers, it is always a bittersweet moment when you reach the final pages of a series that has worked its way deep into your heart and imagination. As one of my favorite authors, many of Michael Phillips’ series are very dear to me; but perhaps none quite so much as his latest work entitled “Secrets of the Shetlands”. Published by Bethany House in the summer of 2017, “The Legacy” is the final installment of the Shetland saga, and masterfully closes a narrative that weaves the past and present into a beautiful and unforgettable tale.

“Secrets of the Shetlands” includes three books: “The Inheritance”, “The Cottage”, and now, finally, “The Legacy”. These books should definitely be read in order, and in fact are so closely tied together that they could easily be all one book (aside from the fact that a volume with all three titles included would be well over 1,300 pages in length!). Certainly one of the most intriguing parts of the series is the fascinating back-and-forth between the previous and current generations of lairds and chiefs and villagers of the little Shetland island known as Whales Reef. Also, the characters are three-dimensional and truly feel “real”. Most importantly, however, are the spiritual truths that are deftly woven into the fabric of the novel so that they come to life, often in ways that non-fiction books about the same topics never could; this is Michael Phillips‘ signature writing style that I have come to know and appreciate deeply.

In the end, if you are looking to take an enthralling, thought-provoking, perhaps even life-changing journey through the pages of fiction; if you enjoy reading stories set in Scotland; if you enjoy Christian Fiction at its very best; or if you have previously loved any of Michael Phillips’ numerous other novels; don’t hesitate to find your own copies of the “Secrets of the Shetlands” novels. Since all three installments are now available (and “The Legacy” is probably the best one of them all) there is simply no reason not to read this incredible story asap!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”


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