Genuinely Unforgettable

From This Moment imageStepping into the world of an Elizabeth Camden novel is always a magical experience. The characters share their stories with dazzling lifelikeness, and the unique plot yanks you in from the beginning. Rarely are you disappointed! “From This Moment”, Ms. Camden’s 2016 Christian Historical Fiction release from Bethany House, is no exception.

Each character within this story, despite their role, is exquisitely drawn. As per a Camden novel, Romulus the hero and Stella the heroine are unexpected and unorthodox, but utterly charming nonetheless. Their strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions make them approachable and human. Unquestionably, each character within “From This Moment” truly makes the novel an unforgettable one.

Differing from most novels in the genre, the storyline of “From This Moment” is built upon a mystery; a murder mystery, in fact. Naturally, this leads to plenty of tense moments and a suspenseful climax, (before, of course, leading into the most perfect of conclusions!). Although the intensity of this storyline is not on par with a true suspense novel, young and impressionable readers should still read this book with caution.

Overall, if you enjoy engrossing, thought-provoking stories set in times past and filled with dynamic characters, this book is definitely un-missable! Although frightening at times, the intensity is unlikely to prove more than most readers can handle, and the humor and witty dialogue more than make up for it! Probably the most enjoyable feature of the entire story for me was the beautiful, internal transformation of several key characters. If the entire story was comprised of this and nothing more, it would still have been remarkable… Add in all the other elements, however, and you have a novel that is genuinely unforgettable!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

Elizabeth Camden

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