This Sequel Doesn’t Meet Expectations

honor-redeemed-imageAfter reading book #1 in the “Keys of Promise” series by Christine Johnson, I had very high expectations for book #2, “Honor Redeemed”. Were those expectations met? Well, not exactly…

“Honor Redeemed” was published by Revell in the later summer of 2016, and is the sequel to “Love’s Rescue” published the year before. Although the hero and heroine of this second story are newly introduced characters, several recurring characters also play important secondary roles. This gives readers a chance to be reacquainted with “old friends”.

Without question, the plot of “Honor Redeemed” is unusual – but not always in the best of ways. Although it contains huge potential for inappropriate scenes and conversations, it generally remains mild. Not always, but generally. You see, David is an engaged man who is forced to marry a “woman of low regard” after a horrible debacle for which he blames himself. Prosperity, the woman David had been engaged to for several years, travels to his army posting in the Florida Keys after the death of her mother, expecting to be welcomed by and quickly wed to the man she loves. Instead, she finds him already married! The following 3/4 of the book consists of the back and forth misunderstandings between the two. At first this interaction was interesting, but it quickly became repetitive, going over the same emotions again and again. The story slogged, the dialogue faltered, and the internal revelations grew stale. It became all I could do to finish the book!

One redeeming factor of the story was the fact that (for a couple of chapters at least!) I Printwasn’t sure how it all would turn out. Although the answer quickly becomes apparent, it did create a little bit of tension in between all of the “Does she forgive me?” and “Can I trust him?” repetitiveness. Overall, though, I was disappointed by this book. Compared to “Love’s Rescue” it fell flat and did not inspire me to continue with the series.

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book from Revell Reads, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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