An Unforgettable Story of Faith


Lynn Austin is a master at the art of writing. Her newest Christian Historical Fiction novel from Bethany House to showcase her skills was released in the winter of 2016. “Waves of Mercy” is a sweeping tale of love, loss, and faith that spans multiple generations and captures the hearts and minds of readers from the first page.

The first thing I noticed after opening “Waves of Mercy” was something I have waves-of-mercy-imagenot often read – the story unfolds through the eyes of two women who tell their interwoven stories in first person perspective, and present tense! Additionally, one of these two characters also steps into her past to reveal her story in the past tense, but still from a first person point of view. This writing style alone made for a unique read, but the theme of the book stood out to me even more… You see, “Waves of Mercy” digs deeper than many (or even most) Inspirational novels into the struggles that real people face when their faith in God is tested to the limit. Lynn Austin’s words explore the emotions and heartache many writers avoid or skim over, and peels back the layers into the heart of true faith. The result is extraordinary.

This book is a powerful and inspirational read that I highly recommend. One thing that was a bit frustrating was the seemingly hurried conclusion to an otherwise lengthy and evenly-paced story, and I hope that a sequel is planned to satisfactorily tie up several loose ends. Overall, however, “Waves of Mercy” is an unforgettable story of two women and their search for answers to an unknown past, and of their faith in the presence of unimaginable circumstances.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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