The Newest Heart-Pounding Installment of “Elite Guardians”

moving-target-imageAn island covered with designed-to-kill booby traps. Two people whose past returns to haunt them. And a madman bent on revenge. Doesn’t this sound like a thrilling novel that will suck you in and never release you until the end? “Moving Target” is the third book in Lynette Eason’s “Elite Guardians” series published by Revell, and is truly Romantic Suspense at it’s best. After reading the first two books in the series, I grew very curious about the story behind Quinn and Maddy’s relationship… Well, this book finally reveals all that, and so much more!

Each of the “Elite Guardians” books tells the story about one of the members of the all-female bodyguard team for which the series is named. Of course, “Moving Target” is different from the previous stories in that Maddy, an Elite Guardian and the female protagonist of the story, finds herself in need of a bodyguard of her own! Only three chapters in, Maddy and police detective Quinn find themselves kidnapped and trapped on an island of nightmarish proportions, with only their wits to help them escape their maniacal captor alive. And if they do, how will they stop him from striking again?

With each Lynette Eason book it becomes clear that fast-paced, well-written, can’t-put-it-down stories filled with both suspense and faith are her specialty. “Moving Target” was no exception. If you have enjoyed previous “Elite Guardian” novels, don’t miss the heart-pounding thrill of Quinn and Maddy’s harrowing escape from a madman, their soul-rending reconciliation with the past, and their profound discoveries about other.

I received this book courtesy of Revell Books, in participation with the Revell Reads Blog Tour for “Moving Target”.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own.


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