An Unforgettable Retelling of a Timeless Story

img_0140Are you familiar with the Bible story of Boaz and Ruth? I’m guessing you probably are. If you are like me, you’ve probably read numerous retellings based on this timeless story of love, grace, and redemption. While many of those retellings are well-done, none can compare with the new version by Jill Eileen Smith, entitled “Redeeming Grace: Ruth’s Story“, published by Revell in 2017. I have only read one other Bible-based novel by this talented author, but it is clear that her writing style and impeccably researched historical details are unrivaled in her genre.

Redeeming Grace” is a beautiful story in so many ways… Because of the masterful characterization of Naomi, Ruth, Boaz, and numerous secondary characters we soon become emotionally involved in each of their lives. The pain of Naomi leaving her homeland only to lose her husband and both sons; the searching heart of Ruth for a God who can fulfill her in ways that the Moabite gods never could; the grief of Boaz after the death of his first wife; each of these stories are portrayed in a way that draws readers in and leaves them wishing for more after reaching the end. In addition, the traditions and laws of the Old Testament are explained with fascinating insight, and helped me to understand better than ever before how they all prepared the way for the Redeemer of us all – Jesus Christ.

If you enjoy Biblical fiction, or even just Christian fiction in general, I highly encourage you to read this beautiful retelling of the story of Boaz and Ruth. “Redeeming Grace: Ruth’s Story” is an unforgettable novel that can easily be enjoyed time after time – not only because it is a powerful and well-told story, but also because it reveals God’s truths of love, grace, and redemption.

I received this book courtesy of Revell Books, in participation with the Revell Reads Blog Tour for “Redeeming Grace”. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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