The Most Action-Packed Story of the Series!

I’ve long anticipated the third installment of “The Nikki Boyd Files”, a Romantic Suspense series written by Lisa Harris and published by Revell. Fittingly entitled “Pursued”, this new story is an edge-of-your-seat nail-biter in just as many ways as the previous books in the series (“Vendetta” and “Missing”), but is perhaps even more descriptively violent.

When the first few pages of “Pursued” included a disastrous plane crash, a dead passenger, and a missing woman, I knew this would not be a relaxing story by any stretch of the imagination! Although most of the plot occurs within a timeframe of three days, the number of murders, kidnappings, weapons fired, explosions, and disasters in general made it seem like a much longer time had elapsed by the time I reached the end. Of course, seeing how “Pursued” IS a work of Suspense Fiction, that is to be expected. . . One thing that I was disappointed with, however, is that only a few minuscule mentions were made about the cold case of Nikki’s missing sister, which was woven quite prominently through the previous stories but was never resolved.

Overall, while “Pursued” is not what I would call a masterful work of literature, it is a good story for its genre. I have enjoyed following the dangerous journeys of Nikki Boyd through all three novels in the series, and will definitely be watching for another installment, if there is one. . . I’m a little confused about this because the next upcoming book by Lisa Harris is not classified as another installment of “The Nikki Boyd Files”, but rather is entitled “Vanishing Point: A Nikki Boyd Novel”, (and is not written from Nikki’s point of view). In any case, after reading the synopsis for this upcoming novel, I believe we might FINALLY discover what happened to Nikki’s sister, which will excite all fans of the series, I am certain!

If you enjoy fast-paced, thrilling Suspense Fiction that will probably keep you reading long into the night, be sure and check out “Pursued”, book #3 in “The Nikki Boyd Files”.

I received this book courtesy of Revell Books, in participation with the Revell Reads Blog Tour for “Pursued”. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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