A So-So Conclusion

At long last, fans of the “Nikki Boyd Files” series by Lisa Harris will discover the truth about the ongoing mystery (Nikki’s missing sister) that left investigators (and readers!) puzzled for so long. “Vanishing Point” is “A Nikki Boyd Novel”, and ties in with “Vendetta”, “Missing”, and “Pursued” of the “Nikki Boyd Files” published by Revell over the past few years.

Although this book is not told from Nikki Boyd’s perspective as the other novels in the saga are, “Vanishing Point” still follows the gripping tale of the race to discover the identity of the Angel Abductor – a man who terrorized parts of Tennessee for many years by kidnapping multiple young girls. Continue reading

The Most Action-Packed Story of the Series!

I’ve long anticipated the third installment of “The Nikki Boyd Files”, a Romantic Suspense series written by Lisa Harris and published by Revell. Fittingly entitled “Pursued”, this new story is an edge-of-your-seat nail-biter in just as many ways as the previous books in the series (“Vendetta” and “Missing”), but is perhaps even more descriptively violent. Continue reading

Nikki Boyd’s Story Continues…

missing-by-lisa-harrisAt long last, Revell has released the second installment in “The Nikki Boyd Files” by Lisa Harris, entitled “Missing”. Picking up shortly after “Vendetta” came to a close, “Missing” has Nikki and her team on the trail of a missing couple who seemed to escape the scene of a murder in their own home. It doesn’t take long for the husband’s body to be found… But what about the wife? With fast-paced action and nail-biting exploits at every turn, Nikki and her team race against the clock even as the trail of the missing woman leads them into a deadly ring of counterfeit drugs and a murderer who will stop at nothing to keep his secrets hidden. As all skilled detectives know, “The first 48 hours are the most critical…” Continue reading

An Incredibly Well-Done Suspense Novel

imageVendetta, written by Lisa Harris and published by Revell in the fall of 2015, is the first book in a new series entitled “The Nikki Boyd Files”.  As a mystery and romantic thriller, this novel has it all – heart-pounding action, emotional drama, and suspense that is enough to make you a little (or a lot) hesitant to read it after dark! Of course if you are like me, you WILL still read it after the sun goes down, because the suspense will just be too much to bear, and you will HAVE to find out what happens next.

Vendetta is very reminiscent of various crime shows on television, just in book format. In similar television fashion, it seems the series will have an ongoing story woven between the books. Of course, this first book also contains a separate-but-related mystery that is solved by the end. With this technique in play, I’m sure you realize that after reading Vendetta you will be anxiously waiting for the next book in the series, set to be released in July 2016! Continue reading