My First Supernatural Suspense Adventure. . . (A Guest Review by Hayley)

Supernatural suspense is not my normal genre of reading material. In fact, until now, I’d barely even heard of it. Still, when I read the description for Bethany House’s new release “Invitation”, there was just something I couldn’t resist. It promised thrilling mystery, perilous adventure, and gripping paranormal phenomena. Did it deliver on these promises? Oh yes, and so much more.

The four novellas contained within this book, each one from the minds of four bestselling authors, follow the journeys of a team brought together against all odds. Fighting supernatural darkness that is emerging throughout the world, this unlikely team comes together time and again to bring the power of God into victory, and the demons to their knees.

Unfortunately, I was surprised to find that there is swearing within the dialogue of “Invitation”, and occasional references to subjects unfit for Christian fiction, with one in particular being grossly inappropriate, although thankfully it was not dwelt upon for more than a few sentences.

All this being said, “Invitation” is clearly not for everyone. It is dark and eerie with very little sunlight to lighten it’s mood. It is amazingly well-written, which means that vivid images are put into the reader’s head – for better or worse. And honestly, I believe that if I was much younger than nearing the end of my teen years when I read this, it likely would have scared me out of my wits! Still, for readers willing to take this daunting journey “Invitation” illustrates concepts of higher forces in a way that is unique, thought-provoking, and often-times just plain brilliant. So, am I glad to have read “Invitation”? Yes. It has stretched my mind in ways that little else could accomplish – not to mention brought me far across the line of my reader comfort zone! But is another Supernatural Suspense novel in my to-be-read pile – well, at least not for a long time.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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