Sweet Stories of Canine Companions

I love animals, especially dogs—so much so, in fact, that I own two dogs of my own, work at an animal shelter, and am training to become a canine massage therapist! So when the opportunity came along to read a book filled with inspirational dog stories, how could I resist? “Doctor Dog: Healing Touches from Pets We Love” was written by M.R. Wells, and published by Harvest House. Categorized as a Devotional, this little book contains dozens of stories about dogs of all shapes and sizes changing the lives of the people they love, often in amazing ways.

You may be wondering how a book filled with dog stories is a Devotional, right? Well, each chapter of “Doctor Dog” contains an inspirational quote, a unique story about a special dog, insight into a related passage from Scripture, a specific Bible verse to memorize or ponder, and questions to help apply the story to your own life. While I didn’t always feel that the dog stories correlated with the Scripture selections quite as well as they should have, they still provided some food for thought.

In the end, “Doctor Dog” is a sweet little book that would be a wonderful gift for the canine-lovers in your life, including yourself! Many of the dog stories are truly touching, and the short chapters allow for easy reading in short chunks of time. As stated on the back cover: “So unleash the worry that ties you down. Let “Doctor Dog” be your prescription for hope and comfort.”

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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