A Beautiful and Memorable Sequel

I have been anticipating my return to the fictitious town of Teaville for many months, until finally Melissa Jagear’s second Christian Historical Fiction novel in the “Teaville Moral Society” was released this summer. Published by Bethany House, “A Love So True” contains many recurring characters from her previous book “A Heart Most Certain” (and novella “Engaging the Competition”), but brings in a new cast, new challenges, and a new romance as well.

Just like the previous story in the series, “A Love So True” brings to life the struggles of women and children trapped in a lifestyle they never desired but have no hope of leaving. Who are these people? They are the prostitutes who are employed in the unseemly parts of town, and their children who often become orphaned or abandoned at a horribly young age. Evelyn Wisely has dedicated her life to helping these social outcasts; partly because the Lord placed this ministry into her life, and also because she holds a deep secret that allows her to understand them as no one else can. When David Kingsman arrives in town with the intention of only staying a few days, Evelyn realizes that he may hold the key to helping her unlock a new life for many of the women. . . But he may also hold the key to her heart, as well!

I greatly enjoyed reading “A Love So True” for many reasons, the top ones being: the characters and their stories were compelling and oh-so-real; the themes of forgiveness, redemption, love, and hope were thought-provoking and surprising; and the emotions (ranging from humor to heartache) that filled each page were more tangible than many other stories in the genre. While the very foundation of this novel provides numerous opportunities for unwholesome and immoral scenes and descriptions, I did not feel that the author dwelt on these things for the sake of being impure, but rather to open eyes and hearts to the plights of those trapped in unimaginable circumstances, not only in 1908 but also today. “A Love So True” is certainly not a book that young readers should attempt, but for older readers looking for a solid work of Christian Fiction that will challenge and inspire while also sweeping you away to a different place and era, this one will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin
Communications, Inc.”

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