Breathless Action, Ancient Discoveries, Deadly Secrets – A Can’t-Put-It-Down-Combination!

Ronie Kendig has a gift for penning stories that keep readers holding their breath as they rapidly flip the pages, desperate to discover what happens next. “Crown of Souls”, the second installment in “The Tox Files” series published by Bethany House, is no exception.

Breathless action, historical intrigue, and deadly secrets abound in “Crown of Souls”. Of course, it is also a novel filled with military operations and therefore violence – often troubling and sometimes detailed – also abounds. It is not for the faint-of-heart. At the same time it is also clean as far as language, and surprisingly deep and relevant moments of finding the truth of God in the midst of death and evil are a welcome addition.

Although “Crown of Souls” is not for everyone, it contains numerous elements that will appeal to at least several different audiences. Military suspense fans will be delighted. Readers of relatively clean thrillers will be kept on their toes. And people like me, who adore archaeological discoveries and the “National-Treasure”-like adventures that come with ancient artifacts, will find it hard to put down.

If it sounds like “The Tox Files” is a series you would enjoy, make sure to read them in order starting with “Conspiracy of Silence” before “Crown of Souls”. And next summer, we can look forward to the final installment in “The Tox Files”, entitled “Thirst of Steel”!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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