A Powerful and Timely Message

Have you ever had an experience where it feels like God sends you a gift at just the right moment in your life, when He knows you need it most? I’ve had this happen to me several times recently… “This I Know: Trusting Your Unknown Future to a Known God” is a 6-Week Bible study written by Laura Dingman, and is part of the Bible Studies for Women series from Moody Publishers. I haven’t quite finished the study yet, but so far nearly every lesson has felt like a special message from God to me.

All of the Moody Bible Studies for Women have been incredible and taught me so much, but “This I Know” is extra-special. It arrived in my life in a very timely manner, and it truly feels that many of the daily lessons were written just for me. Of course, I think many women will feel this way as they journey through the pages of this study, diving into topics such as understanding the true meaning of knowing God; surrendering to him as Mary did; believing without fear; reflecting on what you really believe about God and remembering to LIVE as though you believe it; and much, much more.

Each of the six weeks of the study are divided into an introduction and five daily lessons. The lessons are comprised of opening thoughts from the author, followed by deeper study of a selected passage of Scripture, questions for reflection, a closing prayer and space to write your own prayer, and a journaling prompt. Laura uses various methods to help each Scripture passage come to life, including: Listen, Linger, Learn, and Live; SOAP (Scripture, Observations, Application, and Prayer); and various charts, diagrams, meditation exercises, and simple question/answer sequences.

If you are questioning God’s plans for you, or if you simply need a reminder to “trust your unknown future to a known God”, I definitely recommend spending the time to complete the powerful Bible study entitled “This I Know”. You will learn about, be reminded of, and come to truly embrace the answers to the questions of whether “God really cares about us, if He really knows what He’s doing, and if He can actually be trusted.” Even if you know the answers deep down, let this Bible study be a beautiful reminder.

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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