A Pleasant Read on a Snowy Afternoon

What can be better than curling up on a cold winter’s day with a sweet, gentle, Christian Historical Fiction novel entitled “Harp on the Willow”? I know, not much could beat that, right!? Written by BJ Hoff and published by Harvest House in January of 2018, this sweet book takes readers on a pleasant visit to a small town named Mount Laurel, and reveals some of the stories held within the hearts of its residents – in particular of Dr. Daniel Kavanagh and his many patients.

I enjoyed “Harp on the Willow” largely in part due to the unique, quirky, personable characters who inhabited its pages with typical small-town-everybody-knows-everybody’s-business. The romance of the story was also sweet, but did feel unexplainably rushed at the end, leaving me asking, “How did that happen?”. Several thought-provoking themes, such as cultural prejudice, abuse, and the heartache of dementia add depth and help round out the storyline.

Overall, while “Harp on the Willow” did not make my top favorite list of Historical Fiction, it was a sweet and rather endearing story. BJ Hoff has crafted a pleasant novel that is perfect to enjoy while sipping tea or munching popcorn on a snowy afternoon.

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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