A Treasure of Keys to Unlock New Worlds – “Book Girl” is My New Must-Read Book of the Year!

Imagine a treasure chest being delivered to your doorstep one day. After staring in wonder for a moment, you carefully lift open the lid, and gasp at the treasure inside – dozens and dozens of keys! Each one is labelled with a little description of what that key will unlock, and after a moment you realize that each one is meant to open a door to a different world. Judging by the brief descriptions attached to each key, some of those worlds are places you could never imagine, and others are actually where you’ve always wanted to go. You will learn different lessons in each location, and meet different people, but always you will grow, and always you will return home a different person than when you left.

This sounds like a delightful little fantasy, doesn’t it? Well, in a way it doesn’t have to be a fantasy… You see, one day not so long ago, I received a book that contained dozens and dozens of “keys”, each one unlocking a different book-world and each one with a little description about what you could expect to encounter during your time in that world. This precious treasure-book is entitled “Book Girl: A Journey through the Treasures & Transforming Power of a Reading Life”, and was written by Sarah Clarkson. Included in this book are over twenty recommended reading lists including Girlhood Classics; Books about Imagination; Books That Taught Me to Pray; Novels That Helped Me Cope with a Broken World; and so many more.

In addition to the book lists (which include descriptions of how each book has shaped Sarah’s life, plus bits of context to help you decide which are the right books for you), Sarah has written thought-provoking, essay-like chapters on topics that all relate to the power of reading, and how it truly can shape your life and empower your soul. With wisdom and Scriptural insights, she helps readers ask and answer questions such as “what makes a book acceptable for me as a Christian reader?”, and discusses ideas for incorporating reading into your daily rhythms if you need help getting started.

In essence, “Book Girl” is an absolute treasure that I am delighted to have as my companion, both in my season of life right now and for the journeys I will take in the future. I don’t think I will find a permanent place on my shelf for this one, because I plan to pick it up often, keep it on my nightstand, and peruse it again and again. Why? Because “Book Girl” is truly a living book which I believe it will speak to readers in different ways each time they pick it up, and it is filled with recommendations for discovering other living books to help us all on our journeys through life.

If you have not yet found your own copy of the treasure-book entitled “Book Girl”, I highly recommend that you do. It will encourage, inspire, and empower you on your own journey as a Book Girl. And, “It’s all because the words we speak and read make the world around us. They open our eyes to the reality of God; they liven us to what is possible; they draw us onward into maturity, wisdom, and love. To be a book girl is to own the identity of holy learner to the full.”

This book was provided courtesy of Tyndale Momentum, the nonfiction imprint of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., in exchange for my honest review.

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