A Treasure of Keys to Unlock New Worlds – “Book Girl” is My New Must-Read Book of the Year!

Imagine a treasure chest being delivered to your doorstep one day. After staring in wonder for a moment, you carefully lift open the lid, and gasp at the treasure inside – dozens and dozens of keys! Each one is labelled with a little description of what that key will unlock, and after a moment you realize that each one is meant to open a door to a different world. Judging by the brief descriptions attached to each key, some of those worlds are places you could never imagine, and others are actually where you’ve always wanted to go. You will learn different lessons in each location, and meet different people, but always you will grow, and always you will return home a different person than when you left. Continue reading

Ideas and Ideals to Incorporate

“We yearn for a place of belonging and becoming. A lifegiving haven of warmth, rest, and joy that will bless everyone who enters it. A welcoming respite in an isolated culture. We long for a lifegiving home.”

With these words, beloved mother and daughter authors Sally and Sarah Clarkson invite readers on a journey. This journey leads down the path of creating a home filled with special memories and traditions that your family will cherish. Published by Tyndale Momentum early in 2016, “The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming” is certain to inspire women who long for their homes to become places to flourish, love, grow and belong. Continue reading

A Precious Treasure Awaits You…

I Was Blind (Dating), But Now I See imageI have found a treasure, and a new friend. The treasure is a book with the unusual title of I Was Blind (Dating), But Now I See, and the friend is a woman named Stephanie Rische, the book’s author. This oh-so-wise, sweetly endearing little volume was published by Tyndale Momentum in January of 2016. What exactly is it about, you ask? I’ll let Stephanie, gifted storyteller that she is, explain:

“This is the story of how I tried really hard to find someone to fall in love with and get him to fall in love with me back—but how I mostly just ended up falling flat on my face. It’s also the story of the unexpected ways God showed up when I finally admitted I couldn’t pull myself up on my own… [A]lthough my story and my blind date adventures may be different from yours, my hope is that as you walk with me through these pages, you too will catch a glimpse of the one whose grace is enough to catch you when you stumble and whose love is deeper than you can fathom.” (pages xvii-xix) Continue reading