Heather Holleman’s New Book Reminds Us That We Are Chosen for Christ

Heather Holleman is an author I greatly respect, as she always challenges me to think outside the box and dive deeper into some of the key verbs of Scripture. I’ve previously enjoyed her books “Included in Christ”, “Seated with Christ”, and “Guarded by Christ”, and was excited to begin her newest work from Moody Publishers entitled “Chosen for Christ: Stepping Into the Life You’ve Been Missing”. As Heather urges us, “It’s time to stop letting rejection write your story”.

Just like with Heather’s previous books, “Chosen for Christ” zooms in and focuses on a special verb straight from Scripture – this time the word ‘chose’. God ‘chose’ us and we are precious to Him (1 Peter 2:4). Each chapter of the book is down-to-earth, challenging and thought-provoking, as Heather shares the lessons she’s learned as she’s stepped into her role as a daughter chosen for Christ.

Part One of the book is called “Your Present Situation”, and helps us to wade into the subject while allowing us to acknowledge our deep longing of feeling chosen.

Part Two is entitled “The Seven Invitations” (of living as a person who was chosen for and by Christ). What are these invitations? Worship, Live as God’s Treasured Possession, Belong to a New Family, Complete Good Works, Display God’s Power, Become Like Jesus, and Live Differently from the World. I love this section of the book the most, as it is packed with truth to inspire us in daily, practical, and spiritual ways to step into the life God purposed for us.

Part Three dives into the question, “What if I Say Yes?” (to the invitations). The answer, we discover, is that we are given a new calling and purpose as we daily consecrate our lives to Christ.

“Chosen for Christ” is definitely one of my favorite books by Heather Holleman. It invokes deep thinking and challenges the worldly perspectives that invade our minds and hearts from all angles, perspectives that say we have to do more, try harder, strive and achieve and climb as much as we can and as quickly as possible. But, Heather explains, God says there is another way of doing things. . . “How would you live differently if you truly understood that you are already chosen, for this life, for this moment, for Jesus?” Pick up a copy of “Chosen for Christ” to begin this powerful journey of peace and discovery for yourself.

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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