A Health and Wellness Guide with a Biblical Foundation

Sometimes a book’s title accurately and succinctly describes exactly what you can expect to find within the pages. That is the case with a new book by Nelson Searcy and Jennifer Dykes Henson – “The New You: A Guide to Better Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness”. Published by BakerBooks early in the new year of 2019, this book is a practical yet exciting, user-friendly resource to help us form new habits and, consequently, improve our health.

“Are you being intentional about your health and wellness?” With this question, Nelson and Jennifer welcome us into a guided journey towards vibrant health in all areas of life, using Scripture and God’s purpose for us as the foundation and reason for becoming healthier. I love how the chapters are short and concise about a single topic: for example, chapter 7 is all about the benefits of drinking water, how much to drink, and tips to make drinking more water a habit in our daily lives. The book is divided into sections for each of the four areas of focus (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), but the common, overarching theme is “small steps to the new you”, because each chapter features small steps that add up to amazing changes in our lives.

The one thing that I did not enjoy about this book is that sometimes it felt very black-and-white, stating that everyone is capable of implementing the steps and then seeing the expected results. In reality, there are chronic health issues and life situations that will not be solved even if you followed every step in the book, and sometimes it felt like the authors weren’t taking that into account. Their writing is not harsh or judgmental, I don’t mean to imply that, but just a little unmindful of the people who may have circumstances that don’t allow for the desired changes to happen quite like the book promised.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading a book about holistic health from a biblical perspective. It brought the idea of stewardship of the body that God gave us into the picture, which is so different from the mainstream health and wellness books that are prevalent today. “The New You” is packed with incredibly helpful advice, and things you can start doing today to impact your life in big ways. If you are ready to get intentional about your health and wellness, and live life to the fullest that God planned for you, “The New You” is a wonderful guide to help you set out on the journey.

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book from Baker Books Bloggers, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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