A Springboard For Outdoor Adventures! – Guest Review by Hayley

“This Outdoor Life” by Laurie Kehler is a new release from Harvest House publishers.  As you can see from the subtitle “Finding God in the Heart of Nature”, this book is a treasure trove metaphors between God and His Creation.

“This Outdoor Life” is packed with ideas for you and/or your family and friends to study the character of God through the physical world He has given us.  I would particularly recommend this book to parents who would like to find ways for their kids to be more involved outdoors.

One thing I noticed about “This Outdoor Life”, is that it tends to amplify the verses in the Bible that say humans are sinners in need of forgiveness.  This is, of course, completely true.  However, I felt this book could have put more emphasis on those other verses in the Bible that portray humans as made in God’s image, and as His beloved Sons and Daughters.  The verses about sin without accompanying verses of love and value made the book feel a little dismal at times.

That being said, much of the text is also uplifting, affirming, and insightful, and I love the way that the author brings characteristics of God to life through nature and the world around us that we can taste, smell, see, touch, and hear.  Laurie Kehler’s godly passion for the natural world is evident in practically every page, and I believe this book will serve as a springboard for countless adventures as it passes through the hands of many people who will enjoy it.

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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