Another Unforgettable Caribbean Story – Guest Review by Tracy

Thank you to my daughter Carly for the honour of reviewing this book on her blog.  And thank you to the author, Lisa T. Bergren, for “Verity”, an amazing and compelling book two in “The Sugar Baron’s Daughters” series.

This book is about Verity, the second oldest sister in the Banning family.  Before reading this book, I had wondered how I would move to the story of the second sister after being completely captured by the story of the first sister, “Keturah”.  I was sad to move on.  However, I had nothing to wonder or worry about, I was totally engaged in the story of “Verity” within the first few pages.

Verity’s story intertwines with her two other sisters Keturah and Selah, and their life on the Caribbean Island of Nevis.  But it’s Verity’s life we feel as though we are stepping into and living along with her.  Her story continues with the hope that her love, sea captain Duncan McKintrick, sails back to her and they will continue their new budding relationship.  But, there is a surprise I shall not reveal…!  Verity decides to step into the life of a merchant on the Caribbean Islands, a daunting challenge for a woman on Nevis, and start a life of her own.  As a merchant she needs to sail to the colonies to purchase her goods.  Her life on the ship and time in the colonies takes many twists and turns and she finds herself involved in the Loyalist versus Patriot cause.  From childhood, she was brought up a Loyalist, but the Patriots and a certain sea captain question where she stands now in her life as an adult and a merchant.  Could she possibly be a Patriot, and fight for the cause?  And how can she best help her sisters on the island as a merchant?

This is another journey you won’t soon forget—living alongside Verity, with her triumphs, challenges, choices, grief, and utter joy.  Her story is equally as compelling as “Keturah” – and now we wait for the much anticipated story of Selah, the youngest sister in the Banning family.  To say I’m looking forward to “Selah”, book three, it is an understatement!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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