A Pleasant Addition to the “Canadian Crossings” Series

Canadian author Susan Anne Mason continues the story set in her home country (and mine!) in book number two of the “Canadian Crossings” series. “The Highest of Hopes” was published by Bethany House, and tells the story of Emmaline Moore as she journeys to Canada in search of her father – and what she believes will finally be a place to belong.

I will admit that I did not adore this second “Canadian Crossings” story as much as the first one, as it just didn’t sparkle and come to life quite as vividly for me. Also, I found many of the characters, including the protagonist, to be extremely selfish; yes, this was a theme of growth in the story, but sometimes the self-centeredness that went (mostly) unpunished felt a little over-the-top.

All this is not to say that “The Highest of Hopes” was not still an enjoyable Christian Historical novel… I enjoyed it, and will certainly read the next installment of the series. It was interesting (the politics and family dynamics kept me guessing at what would happen). It was compelling (childhood-friendship-turned-into-love always tugs at my heartstrings). And it was inspiring (themes of finding our worth and ‘home’ in God alone are central to the storyline).

So, if you are have read the first “Canadian Crossings” story, (and especially if you are Canadian yourself!) I certainly recommend this new addition to the series. Although it didn’t stand out for me quite as much as the first story, it was still a pleasant novel and a welcome addition to the series.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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