Fascinating Historical Details Once Again From Judith Miller

You can always count on acclaimed author Judith Miller to bring a fascinating, little-known snippet of history to life and create a unique story around it! “A Perfect Silhouette” is a shining example, as the historical art of Scherenschnitte, a German word for paper cutting in the shape of a silhouette, comes to life as our heroine’s hidden talent. Published by Bethany House in the fall of 2019, this Christian Historical novel is certain to please many fans of the genre.

I enjoyed numerous aspects of “A Perfect Silhouette”, especially the unique historical tidbits about silhouette cutting. It was also quite eye-opening to witness the working conditions in factory-type settings (such as fabric mills) in the 1850s. In addition to these carefully-researched historical elements, the characters were mostly realistic, the plot was intriguing, and the themes were portrayed believably. Altogether it was an enjoyable book. . . No, it wasn’t the most adventurous or exciting novel I’ve read lately, but if you don’t mind taking a more leisurely pace, watching a sweet romance unfold, and discovering little gems from history along the way, I’m certain you will find that reading “A Perfect Silhouette” is an enjoyable way to spend a snowy afternoon – I certainly did.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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