A Must-Read If You’ve Ever Been Told You’re Too Sensitive. . .

Have you ever been told “you’re just too sensitive” and “don’t let things get to you”? Do you find yourself very aware of your surroundings, including tiny details that other people often miss? Do you take longer to process new information and form a response than others? Do loud noises, bright lights, and strong smells affect you intensely? If you answered yes to any of these sample questions, you just might be an HSP – a Highly Sensitive Person. . . According to Denise J. Hughes and Cheri Gregory’s new book from Harvest House Publishers, “Sensitive & Strong: A Guide for Highly Sensitive Persons and Those Who Love Them”, one in five people are HSPs, but many of us have become adept at hiding this truth – even from ourselves.

Before I began reading this eye-opening volume I had heard of Sensory Processing Sensitivity, and even wondered in passing if I might be an HSP, but never really took the time to find out. . . I just knew I had often been called ‘too sensitive’, and often noticed certain details that others didn’t, but it didn’t go any farther than that. After I took the quiz in Chapter 1, however, it became obvious that I am definitely an HSP – and so are the two other family members in our household! As I continued reading “Sensitive & Strong” I marveled at what a thoughtfully written book it was, tailor-made to help HSPs understand themselves and their loved ones, and become the best they can be. Yet at the same time we are reminded that it’s not all about us… As a Christian I really appreciated how these authors always come back to this overarching truth: “Every person on this planet, whether an HSP or not, has an assignment from Heaven, and it involves living outwardly and investing in others.” Understanding ourselves is important, without question, but it is when we use that knowledge of ourselves to bless others and help them live more fully in alignment with God’s plans that true and lasting Kingdom change occurs – and that is a beautiful thing to behold!

If you suspect you might be an HSP, I highly recommend this book. Denise and Cheri are wonderful, empathetic, understanding authors who share personal stories and wisdom with grace. Each of the three sections in the book (Looking In; Looking Up; and Looking Out) contain invaluable insights that help HSPs embrace both their sensitivity and their strength – both gifts that God gave to us for a very special purpose!

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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