Another Fantastic Non-Prophet Book from Todd Hampson

If you are like me, you’ve always considered the last book of the Bible to be confusing, strange, and not really applicable to people living today. A new book from Harvest House Publishers, however, completely debunks each of these myths and helps us understand the book of Revelation as the fascinating and relevant message to humanity that it is. “The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the Book of Revelation: Bible Prophecy for Everyone” is a user-friendly book that is carefully researched and backed by facts, and is packed with entertaining graphics and helpful visuals such as timelines and charts. If you are ready to begin uncovering what God is telling us in the words of Revelation, this book will set you off to a great start!

“The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the Book of Revelation” is the second book I’ve read by Todd Hampson – the first was “The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times”. Both of these fascinating and theologically-sound books (endorsed and supported by leading theologians) have been a huge blessing to me and my family as they help us uncover the challenging teachings of Revelation.

Honestly, I don’t think you are ever going to find more reader-friendly and down-to-earth books about these topics. I have always been rather afraid of the idea of the end times, and in my mind understanding the book of Revelation was completely unattainable. However, Todd’s books completely changed my perspective and made the study of these topics not only doable, but also fun! As outlandish as that may sound, it’s true. Still don’t believe me? I challenge you to read “The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the Book of Revelation”, and see for yourself just how exhilarating and meaningful Bible prophecy can be!

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.

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