Julie Klassen’s New Mystery is Like the Board Game of “Clue” Come to Life!

Julie Klassen is an author of many talents! From cozy tales of village life to mysteries filled with suspense, this lady’s writing is always stellar and keeps you hooked from the first page. Her newest story, “The Bridge to Belle Island”, is actually a murder mystery set in Regency England that tells a uniquely compelling tale guaranteed to keep her readers – and her characters, too! – guessing until the very end. I kept thinking I knew how things would unfold, and I kept being completely wrong.

As each character’s motives for murder come to life, and a myriad of secrets unfold, it becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems on the seemingly-idyllic Belle Island. Some of the characters even begin to wonder if they can trust their own minds, as twists and turns make less and less sense and the true murderer becomes desperate.

When mystery, history, and vivid characters combine within the pages of “The Bridge to Belle Island”, the result is a story that reminded me of the board game “Clue” coming to life with so many suspects, each with their own motives, all living in the same house… If this sounds intriguing to you, and if you enjoy British drama such as the “Downton Abbey” television series or the classic novel of “Jane Eyre”, I am certain you will enjoy “The Bridge to Belle Island” as much as I did.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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