Not the Conclusion I Had Hoped For… Guest Review by Hayley

“What Comes My Way” is Tracie Peterson’s third and final instalment of the “Brookstone Brides” series.  This entire trilogy has taken reader on a unique look behind the scenes of a wild west show, following trick riders, sharp shooters and more!

As the last in the series, “What Comes My Way” shows us the answer to the mystery that has wound its way throughout the first two books.  And while I won’t spoil the conclusion for you, I will say that it is quite unexpected.

At the beginning, this was my favourite book in the series.  Then, three quarters of the way through, the book sort of began to stumble.  The characters acted unnaturally and inconsistently, the story was unconvincing, and the ending was unsatisfying, especially since it was the ending to the entire series.  Also, the book refers to many crimes and injustices, particularly against women.  While these crimes are always depicted as wrong, it can feel as though they are taken a bit too lightly, with the characters sometimes showing little emotion over them.

Still, the book does have some redeeming qualities to it as well.  Unconditional love, respect for others, faith in God, and healing yourself before entering into a serious relationship are all themes that are portrayed well throughout this story.  Overall, the “Brookstone Brides” is a series that I am glad to have read, and while the finale was not what I had hoped, it certainly does not make me regret picking up these three books.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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