The Best Book in the “Haven Manor” Series (and that’s saying a lot!)

I adore Kristi Ann Hunter’s stories, and her newest novel may be my favorite yet! “A Pursuit of Home” is the final installment in the “Haven Manor” series, but it is also very closely related to the “Hawthorne House” books (Ms Hunter’s first series). This means in a single novel she not only concludes an already-unforgettable series, but she ties both of her series together in a way that feels perfect and natural. Now that is talent!

“A Pursuit of Home” tells the story of Jess, a character who has played important roles in several books yet was always shrouded in deep mystery and revealed very little about her unique past to anyone. So it was with great excitement that I began her story, and it far exceeded all of my expectations and hopes! I won’t give away details, but believe me when I say that Jess’s story is one of peril and danger, hidden identity, unexpected romance, and discovery of truth. It also happens to be laugh-out-loud hilarious, thought-provoking in ways that really hit home in my heart, and filled with many of the characters we’ve come to love in all of Ms. Hunter’s previous books.

I highly recommend reading the previous “Haven Manor” books before opening up “A Pursuit of Home”, and you will better understand many of the references to previous adventures if you have read the “Hawthorne House” series as well. None of these are required reading, however, and this story could still be highly enjoyable just as a stand-alone. Jess and Derek’s adventure is one that will live in my imagination for a long time to come, and is one that I plan to revisit soon – it was simply that good!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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