The “Canadian Crossings” Conclusion

Susan Anne Mason’s “Canadian Crossings” series wraps up with the third story in the trilogy: “The Brightest of Dreams”. Published by Bethany House, this novel brings to life the little-known and tragic history of British Home Children in Canada. At the same time it tells a story of heartache mixed with hope as two newcomers to Canada strive to make their way in a new country.

I enjoyed reading the “Canadian Crossings” series, and this last story was my second-favorite of the trilogy. It did contain some questionable, mature content, but it for the most part this was handled tactfully. The historical elements of British Home Children were eye-opening and horrible, and as the author’s note explains at the end, they were mostly based on true events. While I was saddened to read about the terrible plights of these poor children, I think it is beneficial to understand history, the good and the bad, in order to grow and hopefully learn from it. For this reason, I especially appreciate it when fiction authors like Ms. Mason weave true historical elements into their novels.

If you enjoy Christian Historical Fiction, I think you will enjoy “The Brightest of Dreams” and the entire “Canadian Crossings” series. While they are not the most memorable or inspiring stories of the genre, they are still pleasant novels in their own right. One element I was surprised about is that of the three protagonist couples in the series, two of them ended up going back to Europe rather than staying in Canada! I found this somewhat disappointing, as I assumed a key point of the story was a new beginning in Canada… In any case, this series does not make my top-favorites list of fiction, but it was still a pleasant read, especially as it took place in Canada.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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