The “Canadian Crossings” Conclusion

Susan Anne Mason’s “Canadian Crossings” series wraps up with the third story in the trilogy: “The Brightest of Dreams”. Published by Bethany House, this novel brings to life the little-known and tragic history of British Home Children in Canada. At the same time it tells a story of heartache mixed with hope as two newcomers to Canada strive to make their way in a new country. Continue reading

The Final Story is Always Bittersweet…

The Midwife's Dilemma imageThe bittersweet moment has come. At least, that is how I always feel when I reach the final book in a beloved series. Naturally it holds both sweetness and a touch of sorrow, good-to-see-you-agains and final goodbyes. Delia Parr’s “At Home in Trinity” series, published by Bethany House and comprised of “The Midwife’s Tale”, “The Midwife’s Choice”, and now, finally, “The Midwife’s Dilemma”, is just such a series. It draws you in, envelops you with the love and warmth of the tiny town of Trinity, and is very difficult to say farewell to. Continue reading