Not Your Typical Amish Story

I don’t know about you, but I don’t often think of the terms Amish and Murder Mystery as being simultaneous descriptions for the same novel – am I right?  And yet that is exactly what “Among the Innocent” is!  While technically in the romantic suspense genre, this new novel written by Mary Alford and published by Revell is a thrilling, unexpected, and deeply riveting tale that rocks a quiet Amish community to its core when a series of murders takes the lives of their near and dear.  It is up to Leah Miller, herself a former Amish member and now a police officer, to solve this deadly mystery before others end up hurt.  

This story was written by a master of her craft, that is for certain.  From the first page I was hooked, and found it extremely difficult to put the book down until I had reached the end.  With hair-rising scenes from both the killer’s and potential victims’ perspectives, and a baffling plotline full of twists and turns and dead ends, it was one of the most well-done suspense stories I’ve read this year.

Now for a couple notes I feel obligated to mention – “Among the Innocent” is NOT a lighthearted read.  It is sometimes gruesome.  It is frightening and creepy.  The scenes stay with you long after you reach the end.  And it does not end happily for everyone – not even all the ‘good guys’.  But if you are up for a thrilling tale that, while intense, ultimately points us toward forgiveness and redemption and hope even in the midst of darkness, this story should definitely be placed on your reading list.  I hope the author is planning a sequel soon, because the way it concluded… let’s just say, there is so much more that could be revealed!

**This book has been provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


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