Not The Series’ Finest

The “Colorado Cowboys” saga continues in book #3, “To Tame a Cowboy”, written by talented author Jody Hedlund and published by Bethany House.  I know there will be at least one more book to come in the series later this fall, and I’m expecting two more – so that each McQuaid sibling gets to tell their story.  Filled with plenty of adventure and romance set on the Western frontier, “To Tame a Cowboy” is an interesting addition to the series.  But, it is not my favourite for a few reasons…

I enjoyed seeing Brody’s story come to life, but it felt lacking in comparison with the high standards set by Jody’s other stories.  The plot lagged in the middle, and I felt there was altogether too much inclusion of inappropriate subjects focusing on the attraction between the characters.  Pages and pages too much.  And while I usually find it hard to put Jody’s stories down, with this book in particular I found myself procrastinating picking it back up.  I didn’t feel engaged with the characters, and didn’t find the ‘problem’ all that problematic.  Quite simply, I got tired of the story long before the end, and that is very unusual for me with any book in my favourite genre of Historical Fiction!

I will still read the next book in the series because I am curious to see what direction Ivy’s story will take, but I consider “To Tame a Cowboy” to be quite a letdown from what I was expecting and hoping for.  It fell flat and took directions I did not appreciate, and although I dislike saying so, that is unfortunately how I felt.  

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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