Just What My Heart Needed – Guest Review by Hayley

Fans of Regency Era fiction will be eager to pick up Julie Klassen’s latest release, “The Sisters of Sea View.”  As the beginning of her new series “On the Shores of Devonshire,” this book is a delightful read.

While I usually gravitate to the more action-packed novels, this one drew me as something that had a more gentle feel to it, which was what my heart and mind needed.  The Sisters of Sea View” observes the beauty, adventure, trials and triumphs of the every-day.  Both the leading and secondary characters come to feel like real people, and ones that I look forward to revisiting as the series progresses.

And you can certainly see that this book is just the beginning of a series.  The Sisters of Sea View” was not without a happy ending of its own, yet even by the final sentence there were many loose ends and unfinished stories yet to be tied and told.

As a side note, avid fans of the Regency Era will undoubtedly and delightedly notice a few nods to some Jane Austen stories and characters.  It’s almost like a book version of what we call easter eggs in movies.  Readers of “Emma” and “Pride and Prejudice” in particular will want to be on the watch for them.

All in all, “The Sisters of Sea View” is a highly enjoyable stroll by the English seaside.  With characters reminiscent of the March sisters in “Little Women,” it is a lovely story of familial healing, new friendships, and daily triumphs big and small.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”


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