What A Gem From Roseanna White! – guest review by Hayley

Roseanna White is one of my very favourite authors.  Dual-time novels are some of my favourite books to read.  A dual-time novel by Roseanna White?  Well, it was destined to be fantastic from the very first page.

For avid fans of Roseanna White’s books, this novel will have an extra-special aspect to it.  In the author’s own words, “In this story the careful reader will see details from all my story worlds, joining together.”  And we truly do!  I recognized characters, events, and places from every other series or stand-alone-book I have read by Roseanne White.  It was amazing to look for these “easter eggs” and already know the amazing stories behind them.

Yesterday’s Tides” is unique in the sense that the two stories are separated by less than 30 years.  Each time period has mostly the same characters in it, which I have not seen before in a dual-time novel.  The main connection between these two stories and eras rests in one particular person who is not revealed, (or in my case not even suspected!) until near the end.

Considering this book is set in not one, but both world wars, it is not what I would call a light read.  It is an incredible story, and one that I absolutely recommend, but not light.  Elements of racial prejudice in the South, and the horrors and dilemmas that French citizens faced during the German occupation are both factors of the story.  But, although heavy and sometimes dark, they are surely accurate as well.  I admire the care with which “Yesterday’s Tides” was written to respect what is appropriate reading, while not shying from the truth, or sugar-coating reality. 

Needless to say, “Yesterday’s Tides” is another shining addition to Roseanna White’s inventory of novels.  If you have not read it yet, I recommend you don’t wait any longer.  And if you have, well, you already know what a gem it is.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”


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