Annie Helps Us Bring The FUN Back!

I am quite certain that I’ll be in the minority when I say that I just finished reading “That Sounds Fun” by Annie F. Downs WITHOUT having ever listened to her podcast by the same name, but let me assure you that I have already bookmarked several episodes of the podcast that definitely sound very fun to me! Annie’s new book was published by Revell early in the year 2021, and the subtitle gives us a little hint of just what sorts of treasures we will discover within its pages: The Joys Of Being An Amateur, The Power Of Falling In Love, And Why You Need A Hobby. Sounds fun, right? Continue reading

Let’s All Be Brave review

Let's All Be Brave imageAre you brave? According to Annie F. Downs, the majority of people would answer in the negative – including me. But what if bravery doesn’t mean doing something earth shattering in its enormity… What if instead bravery consists of small, often insignificant choices we make every day? What if we are all braver than we think? These questions, among others, are the foundation for Annie Downs’ newly released book from Zondervan entitled Let’s All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have.

Formatted as a series of essays, Let’s All Be Brave contains chapters that each feel like a separate, real-life conversation with Annie about various topics – all connected to the subject of bravery and courage. With bushels of humor, Continue reading