Christian Historical Fiction at Its Best! (Guest review by H.B.E.)

Anchor-in-the-Storm-658x1024I read “Through Waters Deep” very soon after it was released from Revell last year. Seeing how it became one of my MOST favourite books I have EVER read in my ENTIRE life, I guess you could say that I was just a little bit excited for “Anchor in the Storm” to be released. But could this new sequel even come close to reaching the nearly impossible high standards set by the first book in the Waves of Freedom series?

My favourite part of this novel was the messages of faith woven throughout the pages from beginning to end. In other books, the characters’ faith feels like more of an afterthought than a major part of the story. This is absolutely not the case with “Anchor in the Storm”, as faith serves as the foundation of the story, and not just a detail.Through-Waters-Deep image

On the downside, I think that the biggest fault of this book, is one that all books share. It ends. One moment you’re reading, and the next, it’s just OVER. Some books in the past, I’ve been happy to be done with. This book, I was devastated, especially considering it will be nearly a year before the next book in the series is released. Seriously though, there is very little for even the pickiest of readers to complain about in “Anchor in the Storm”, making it an all-around enjoyable read. Still, readers should be aware of an appalling story concerning Lillian’s ex-boyfriend (an instance which serves as the basis of her difficulty with trust), and also of one or two minor comments made by the villains of the story that were of a very crass nature.

So, all of that being said, did “Anchor in the Storm” reach the standards set by the first book in the series? Without a doubt, yes. Honestly, I didn’t think it would quite measure up, but Sarah Sundin proved me wrong by creating an equally stellar novel the second time around. With characters so lifelike you can all but touch them, a story with a surprise twist near the end, and best of all a revisit with our friends from the first novel, “Anchor in the Storm” is Christian historical fiction at its all-time best.

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book from Revell Reads, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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