A Stunning Conclusion to a Remarkable Series

ladies-of-the-manor-series-imageSigh… I am quite sad. Why? Because one of the most intriguing, compelling and well-written novel series I’ve read in a long time has reached the end. Finished. Over. Forever. Isn’t that tragic? Roseanna M. White’s “Ladies of the Manor” series, published by Bethany House, began a year ago with the release of “The Lost Heiress”, followed this past spring by “The Reluctant Duchess”, and now concluding with “A Lady Unrivaled”. Each of these stories is built upon each other, and the characters, mystery, and basically the entire plot is interwoven very closely. My recommendation is NOT to read these books as stand-alone novels, or out of their proper order, because the full effect of the story will undoubtedly be lost.a-lady-unrivaled-image

“A Lady Unrivaled” is my favorite novel of the series. I didn’t think “The Lost Heiress” could be beaten, but it was. With endearing (and recurring) characters and a fascinating conclusion to an intense mystery, I could hardly put down this 400+ page book. Although a few back-stories were borderline-inappropriate, and occasional scenes might be a little grisly for unsuspecting readers, overall the story is clean and fitting for its Christian Historical Fiction genre. If you adored the adventures of Justin and Brook, then held your breath through the dramatic relationship of Brice and Rowena, don’t miss this unforgettable tale of Cayton and Ella. “A Lady Unrivaled” is truly a stunning conclusion to a remarkable series.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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