Cousins of the Dove Book #2

my-sisters-prayer-imageAfter a lengthy wait, the second book in Harvest House Publishing’s “Cousins of the Dove” series has finally been released! Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould have once again brought to life a fascinating tale which interweaves past and present into one compelling narrative called “My Sister’s Prayer”. Several characters are recurring and many are new, but the story itself is a natural continuation of the previous book entitled “My Brother’s Crown”. If you discovered the intrigue of that first novel, you won’t want to miss the continuing story of book #2!

In the modern-day portions of “My Sister’s Prayer”, the story centers around Maddee Talbot and her recovering-drug-addict sister, Nicole. In the historical portions of the book, which serve almost as a “parallel world” to the present day, the protagonists are also two sisters (who are likewise the daughters of the historical heroine from the previous book). Although not the most artistically written or compellingly characterized novel I have read, both stories-within-the-story contain reasonable amounts of mystery, adventure, shocking revelations, and ultimately the love My Brother's Crown imagethat binds the hearts of sisters together forever. If you enjoy stories that weave the past and present together into one unique tapestry, don’t miss “My Sister’s Prayer” (but don’t forget to read “My Brother’s Crown” first!).

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.


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