A Fascinating but Violent Conspiracy

conspiracy-of-silence-headerThe first book in Ronie Kendig’s new series, “The Tox Files”, is not for the faint of heart. “Conspiracy of Silence” is a heart-thumping book packed with action, surprise, and extreme danger on nearly every page. Of course, when the back cover of the book states “This is the way the world ends”, excitement should be expected. Adding a unique twist, this novel integrates history, specifically Biblical history, as well. “Study the past to define the future” is a quote by Confucius, and as an epigraph before the prologue, it opens up “Conspiracy of Silence” with on-target precision.

“Conspiracy of Silence” is a difficult book to pinpoint with a simple “like” or “dislike”. conspiracy-of-silence-imageRonie Kendig’s excellent writing and storytelling abilities bring the characters and plot to life – but as it turns out, at least for me, this was both a con and a pro… Although I am familiar with the Suspense Fiction genre, I have not read many novels specifically with military personnel as the main characters. Therefore, I was not prepared for the amount and intensity of the violence (combat, killing, etc.) that this book contained. On the other hand, the story more than lived up to it’s promise of fascination with the intricate historical mysteries and interwoven conspiracies that led the characters on an enthralling journey of discovery, both historical and present, both internal and external.

In the end, I am glad to have read “Conspiracy of Silence” and will most likely pick up the next book in “The Tox Files”. While I did not enjoy the violence that abounded on more pages than not, I found the “conspiracy” part to be incredibly interesting. If you enjoy Suspense Fiction, especially military varieties, and don’t mind a hefty amount of violence mixed in with intricate webs of conspiracy, “Conspiracy of Silence” is definitely a book you should consider.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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