Great Writing + Humor + Mystery = A Delightful Story!


What fun it is to read a novel by a new-to-you author, enjoy the story immensely, and then discover that author has already written numerous other books! This was the case for me with a new Bethany House book entitled “For the Record”, written by Regina Jennings. Set in the fictional town of Pine Gap, Missouri, this book is filled with the unique flavor of Ozark mountain life in the 1880s. Despite the unique setting, however, it still contains all that fans of Inspirational Historical Romances love and expect from their favorite genre.

Although “For the Record” may start out a tad slow, after reading the for-the-record-imagefirst few chapters you will be caught, hook, line and sinker! You see, the characters take a bit of warming up to, but once you get to know them they quickly become great friends – or at least most of them do… The writing style is also a bit unexpected, but again, once you are a few chapters in the hilarious metaphors and colorful dialogue become charming and amusing. On a small downside, although I was mostly happy with the innocence and “cleanliness” of this novel, a few scenes were scattered throughout that detracted from an otherwise stellar Christian novel. Those instances were unfortunate, but thankfully few in number.

Overall, would I recommend “For the Record” to fans of Christian Historical Fiction? Yes, I most definitely would – with the suggestion that it is not ideal for younger readers. Aside from a few instances that could have been eliminated, this novel was funny, heartfelt, faith-filled, and highly enjoyable. Although it was my first Regina Jennings novel, it certainly won’t be my last!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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